Genniu and Lanyng (Double Application)

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Genniu and Lanyng (Double Application)

Post  Genniu on Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:04 pm

Characters Name:  Genniu and Lanyng


Genniu Lv 100 Brewmaster Monk been mainly playing tanking classes and I find the monk my fav out of the four, Lanyng Lv 100 Windwalker Monk also plays a hunter on Steamwheedle skilled player but right now she's undecided if she'll stay windwalker or go mist weaver

Experience in Raids:

My self Genniu have had alot of experience with WoW raids dating back to Vanilla 9 years of wow and still counting, sadly i didnt see much end game content in Mist of Pandria due to real life reasons, My wife who plays Lanyng been playing since Wrath and she even lead a raid team to take the Lich King down back in the day, we both had to cut back on our gaming time due to kids and work. But now where back and looking to join a guild that can help us re-experience WoW end game content and also join a helpful and social guild  

Raiding days and times:

We are unsure about raid times and days right now where looking for a guild to aid us and give us back the social aspect to WoW un-till we can set days and time for the raids.


My age is 29 and Lanyng is 25


Both British

Reasons you left your guild:

Right now where in a small time guild after a long awaited return to wow just joined the first guild that "seem" helpful at the time.

Officer you spoke with (in case you did):

No one yet but did run into a member of your guild and I asked about it link was given

Tell us a few things about yourself:

Myself i'm 29 name is Richard and work has a security officer keen gamer been playing WoW for a good 9 years or so do play other games from a wide range of consoles to any type of games mainly, action, fps, rts and rpg. My wife Debbie she is a keen WoW player wont seem to touch anything else and what else keeps us busy besides gaming our two children one aged 3 and one soon to 2 in three month time.

If there is any questions feel free to ask.

Kind Regards

Genniu and Lanyng


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Re: Genniu and Lanyng (Double Application)

Post  Xirik on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:33 pm

Hey you too.
Nice seeing your application here.
Poke me in game on Xirik or Tailo and we can have a further discussion.

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