Thalwin - Rogue Application

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Thalwin - Rogue Application

Post  Thalwin on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:06 pm

Characters Name: Thalwin
Level: Spec: 90 - Specced for PVE, Combat and Subtlety. Sub offers more utility during raids however Combat can be useful for Multi-target fights.
Experience in Raids: Current Experience - SoO 13/14 Normal - 14/14 Flex, have completed ToES and ToT, aswell as world bosses and vaults. Previous experience Full in all expansions(Minus FL) aswell as achieving Immortal title in WotLK(Naxx)
Raiding days and times: Currently able to raid whenever, however starting a new job soon but will still be free in the evenings after 6PM Gametime.
Age: 23
Nationality: British
Reasons you left your guild: Haven't raided properly in MoP and it's better late than never, previous guild was for alt leveling purposes.
Officer you spoke with (in case you did): Xirik, have raided previously with Moonlight as a PUG'd DPS.
Tell us a few things about yourself: Well my real name is James and I've just graduated from Plymouth Uni with a Degree in Marine Engineering. I've been playing WoW since the EU Closed beta but have taken several breaks along the way, I'd say the most successful expansion for me in PVE was probably WotLK where i tanked as a DK for a guild called Omen on Darksorrow and obtained the immortal title, twilight vanquisher and Of the Nightfall. Argent Dawn has always been my home server ever since the first release of WoW.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Best regards, Thalwin.


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Re: Thalwin - Rogue Application

Post  Xirik on Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:02 pm

poke me in game mate

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