Shaldran - A Druid

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Shaldran - A Druid

Post  Shaldran on Wed May 14, 2014 10:42 pm

Characters Name: Shaldran
Level: 90
Spec: Playing them all really but mostly Feral/Guardian
Experience in Raids:  BoT/ToFW/BD in Cata, MGV/HoF/ToT and wee bit of SoO in MoP. All's 10N or Flex.
Raiding days and times: I don't currently have binding schedule until next Fall, after that I expect to be able to raid on most evenings with some (predictable) exceptions of course.
Age: 30
Nationality: Finnish
Reasons you left your guild: My former guild rather died during my break from the game and it unfortunately just doesn't enable playing the game together anymore.

Tell us a few things about yourself:

My journey in Azeroth started during the very end of TBC. Just weeks before the release of WotLK if memory serves. I've always enjoyed Warcraft series since the very first game actually. Finally jumped into WoW phenomenon and some five years after here we still are. PS. I think this game might be addictive. I started out as a passionate roleplayer, just wanting to experience the game through my character. Since then I've been on zillion chars but very slowly at the end of the WotLK Shaldy finally started feeling like this "main" that everyone kept talking about.

My passion for roleplay kind of... died down over the years and I started wondering what more there is to see. I joined Yingyang Eagles at the beginning of Cataclysm and became the resident bear with couple of long breaks due to that infamous real life. Now I'm really looking for a new home. A guild that's active and passionate about the game. A strong community of people with whom to adventure forth! I have interest to get back to raiding: achieving the impossible together never gets old. I'm a very flexible druid fan(atic). I just like to do everything. Been playing all specs this expansion though have little experience of Restoration and Moonkin in normal modes. I have tendency to get stuck tanking, which is lovely, but I'm actually looking forward to try other roles.

Outside of Azeroth I'm an urban, reasonably charming, definitely nerdy adventurer desperately trying to graduate one of these days ...years (I'm supposed to be studying Accounting). I worked roughly seven years as a teacher of Economics and Accounting, very basic stuff though. Loved that. I'm a bit of a health enthusiast - not too bad though - trying to exercise regularly and eat real food. Sometimes it works too. I'm also a stock investor and that's been a dear hobby since teen years. Unfortunately it's not looking like it's becoming a livelihood #greatrecession. I'm a gamer since I could first reach my father's 80286 and enjoy a variety of games.

Thanks for consideration and looking forward to hearing from you!

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Re: Shaldran - A Druid

Post  Xirik on Thu May 15, 2014 9:42 am

poke me in game please for some further discussion

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