Brundr - Druid Bear/Cat

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Brundr - Druid Bear/Cat

Post  Brundr on Sun May 04, 2014 7:57 pm

Characters Name: Brundr
Spec: Currently Guardian. Been playing a Cat/Bear since T7.  

Experience in Raids: Started raiding in TBC PuGs. All normal raids in WotLk cleared, some hard mode. Left the game half way through Firelands. Came back for a brief stint in Dragon Soul. Led/organised the raiding in my guild from T8 to T12

Raiding days and times: Sunday, all day. Other days are difficult to commit to, since I work both evening and day shifts. I know what shift I'm working weeks in advance, though.

Age: 25
Nationality: Norwegian

Reasons you left your guild: Carpe Omnius (on Sporeggar-H) died a slow death, as a lot of its members had to stop playing due to work/children/etc. All the others jumped servers or guilds. I followed a few friends to AD. Currently in Ominous Latin Name, a guild I was randomly invited to. Stuck around for the perks.

Officer you spoke with (in case you did): Xirik

Tell us a few things about yourself: I'm a cook by trade. I consider myself pretty laid back and good humoured, but I tend to get very obsessed with min-maxing my gear and rotation (during Wrath and Cata I would spend hours on the training dummies perfecting my Cat rotation. :3). I just got back into the game after I had to quit during T12. I'm not really looking to get into raiding super hardcore again, just some nice people to do LFR and heroics with.


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Re: Brundr - Druid Bear/Cat

Post  Xirik on Sun May 04, 2014 8:03 pm

interviewed and accepted

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