Application - Aymana

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Application - Aymana

Post  Guest on Mon May 20, 2013 7:13 pm

Characters Name: Aymana

Level: 90 Druid

Spec: Restoration

Experience in Raids: Started raiding early TBC with great success but it wasn't until the very end of TBC that raiding turned to hardcore. Then I left the hardcore raiding behind in the end of WoLK because it took too much from life and turned to casual raiding for the rest of WoLK.

Raiding days and times: Tuesday and Saturday might be a bit sketchy for me so I hope that isn't your usual days. Preferably after 19.00.

Age: 27

Nationality: Swedish

Reasons you left your guild:
I left the hardcore raiding behind because it took too much from my life. I still love that guild and all its people but I cannot give that much of my life to it and therefore there was no place for me there. I role-played some here on Argent Dawn but later joined my brother and his casual raiders on Arie Peak. They were nice and all if a wee bit boring perhaps. Then my brother stopped playing and I had no real connection to the others. I found myself constantly being drawn back to Argent dawn for different reasons and finally decided to move some characters here and pick up raiding again.

Tell us a few things about yourself:
Well... Actually I'm a package deal. I come with a warrior in tow, he has very much the same background as me but he usually play as tank. It's both of us or none of us I'm afraid. Hopefully you have room for both of us. Smile
We're both easy going and flexible and we have no problem being vocal on Vent if it's needed.
I have played a healer my entire raiding career. I first made a priest and leveled her as a healer all the way up. Then I made a druid promising that it would be a tank but it ended up as a healer. Then I made a shaman... It was supposed to be dps. Ermh... No. It became a healer. Finally I made a paladin and that would never be made into a healer. NEVER! It was a healer between level 40 and 80. Then it became a tank. -.-
I have been an officer or had some form of responsibilities in every guild and game I have ever played in. Especially when it comes to guild bank... I love cleaning and managing the guild bank. It's like playing tetris.
I play a lot of games. Roleplaying games, board games, videogames etc. I have my own house and boyfriend (the warrior) since ten years back. I also have a few chickens and sometimes a parrot. Beyond that there isn't much more to say.


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Re: Application - Aymana

Post  Xirik on Tue May 21, 2013 3:08 pm

poke me in game please
xirik is the name

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