Application One Hand (Ferozias)

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Application One Hand (Ferozias)

Post  One Hand on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:34 am

Ohai Thar!

Characters Name: Ferozias

Level: 85 Spec: Arcane/Fire

Experience in Raids: Karazhan in BC, Naxx in WotLK, and Raid Finder + Tol Barad bosses in Cata.

Raiding days and times: Whenever im wanted by you, else none.

Age: 20 (28/08/92)

Nationality: Danish

Reasons you left your guild: I originally played on the US servers on Darkspear, where I played in Dara Mactire. Some of you guys might have known some of my old guildmates, some of those included Swifty, Mercader, Bajheera, Athene, Zybak, and many other YouTube stars. I decided to go because the guild died out, and instead of skilled and friendly people, it became crowded with dumb, bad fanboys. Also the latency on the US servers pissed me off (200 there, against 40-50 here).

Officer you spoke with (in case you did): Endrae... That jerk that jacks my farming spot... I'll get you next time, Endrae!!

Tell us a few things about yourself: First of all, Hi! My name is Anders, but I am known IRL aswell online as One Hand. In my everyday I am a Musician on and off, with my solo Hip Hop/Funk project. I am known by the name of ¨One Hand¨ because I, frankly, only have One Hand (Yup, no fapping jokes for you). If you're one of those with the pics or it didn't happen syndrome, you can take a look at my video on the TGN channel Smile
I am generally a guy that is pretty talkative, who is serious when it is needed. But I'm normally also the first to crack a twisted joke when something gets too serious Smile
I am pretty skilled, if I can say so myself. I know all classes and their mechanics pretty well too.

Now, the thing is,
I would love to join your guild, BUT, I wont be playing a mage for much longer, since I'm rolling a monk with the MoP release, on day 1, and hope to be one of the first high-levels, as I am taking a couple of days off to dedicate time to my powerleveling Smile So if we could stay in contact untill MoP, it would be awesome, and then I would love to join you guys (I'll most likely stay in touch with Endrae, so he could perhaps throw me the invite when needed, yes?). Reason is I want to have my mage stay in the guild for reputation purposes, since I want to buy the leg heirlooms ASAP Smile

I hope you could see me as a part of your troup, but untill then, have a good one!

Anders Vestergaard // One Hand.
One Hand

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Re: Application One Hand (Ferozias)

Post  Endrae on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:36 am

Now, I would never take anyones farmingspot, now would I Razz

Endrae - Destruction Warlock [Guild Officer]


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Re: Application One Hand (Ferozias)

Post  Xirik on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:40 am

poke me in game for some extra questions ... Xirik is the name
ps did you happen to be the guy that tried to take endrae's farming spots? Razz

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Re: Application One Hand (Ferozias)

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