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Guild Rules

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 16, 2007 4:58 pm

Moonlight is an Aliance guild that resides on Argent Dawn Server.
The Guild Master is Xirik.
We are most of all a friendly guild. We like helping each other and that is what binds us together.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild so hardcore raiders buzz off.
We accept characters of all levels that are mature (18+) and can understand the basic principles of humor, fun, friendship, so all bouncing, want epix, gief gold plux guys take a hike.

If you are a helpful guy that wants to have fun playing wow and likes belonging to a family this is the right guild for you. If you are a loner that wants to have things done his way dont even bother.

Be kind to others,  helpful and treat them as you like to be treated.

In Moonlight we never sell items of our trade or items that we dont need to guildies. We either give for free to guildies or Guild bank or go and sell em to AH.

We also have a guild bank that has many this and thats in it. Those are for the members so if a member needs some of them ask an officer to get em.
The only times a member cant have items from gbank is when he hasnt proved that he works in helping moonlight become better.(yes if you raid all the time with others dont expect us to gear you up).

Everyone interested in joining has to apply in the forums first and then whispering an officer in game. Officers are Xirik, Eigna, Quedric. Anyone that is not registered in the forums guild will not be accepted in the guild.

We have a nice system that helps nice members to rise in Moonlights Ranks. On three good  comments from officers there is a promotion. But take care cause you can fall as easily as you rise, three bad comments and you are demoted. Of course the Guild Master can decide
on occasions and demote or promote at will

Guild Meetings will be held when it is judged needed.
Guild runs in raids will be announced in the Raidplanner some days before they happen and all members have to sign up there to be able to come along.
Priority will be given to members that have applied for the run and only if there are empty positions other guild members will be considered.

Members are not allowed to raid outside the guild with their main characters content that the guild is raiding regularly.
They are allowed to raid that content with their alts though.
Remember during the raid you can only whisper the raid leader for tactic's do not go open in raid chat.
Higher content than what the guild raids is off limits for mains and alts too.

Have a nice time in our guild
May the Moonlight shine upon your path.
                                                                          Lord Xirik.

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